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May 30, 2011


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I don't feel bad that we lied about doing this work on Sunday. Slapping My Little Pony stickers everywhere inside was much easier than ripping out bushes.
What is the "rock" hiding? It makes the yard look like Disneyland. Oh well... when in O.C....

I was thinking of shaping the hedges into my little ponies. Maybe next time you could do that for the party. I mean, show some effort. And the rock is hiding the ugly sprinkler turny-offy things. Whatever they are called. Otherwise they were all ugly and sticking up.

Sprinkler-turner-off-thingies = automatic valves.
The new sprinkler systems don't use valves - they are powered via an Apple computer using the icloud.
We need to cut off those mount tabs on the rock and add some paint effects for a more natural appearance.

It makes the yard look like Disneyland.

Ice9 - well, if we take off the feet then we can't stake it to the ground. And whenever you want to come paint it, feel free.

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