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January 31, 2012


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I have found eating only veggies and cottage cheese for dinner for a week or two will take off the pounds. Not that this is healthy, physically or psychologically. But sometimes you just want to fit in those skinny jeans.

but i think i would abuse this system as well. like i would eat an entire tub of cottage cheese for each dinner. which probably defeats the point. though i think that is an interesting idea to keep in my back pocket.

It starts really slow but the difference is it stays off. Before you'd lose it faster but gain it back just as fast if you forgot about your diet for a week. Besides, I'm still convinced you only needed to lose .2 lbs.

lol. I love you Sarah. I think the ultimate goal for me long term is to watch what I intake more and it's doable if I do it during the week and then let it go on the weekend. I think I can manage that longer term. And so far it's working out.

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