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May 07, 2013


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Hi, my daughter has a Corgi that looks amazingly like Roxy. I wonder if you have had issues with her front legs/paws? Bella Jean did something to her leg while chasing one of my cats down the stairs and trying to turn too sharply at the bottom. She is going to the vet to have it checked on Monday, but just wondering if that is an issue with Corgi's in general that you've heard.

By the way, I can't even begin to imagine how someone could abandon a beautiful girl like that at a shelter. They are SO smart and easy to train and full of love. You really were lucky.

Actually, yes. She has had 4 surgeries on her front leg. It was due to a genetic mutation though. I talk a little about it here:

According to her orthopedist, and yes she has one, corgis tend to get injuries on the front legs easier. Their weight is all up front and their legs are so little and misshapen anyway, they tend to get injuries there over other places. Are you in SoCal? If so, I can recommend a great vet for you.

And yeah, no idea why someone would dump her. She was given as a gift and the guy didn't want her. I guess another example of why you don't buy someone a dog before talking to them. Luckily, being so young, she was scooped up right away by a rescue group.

She's crazy and sort of a terror, but I have never loved a dog like I love her. She will be hard to replace.

Did Bella come from a pet store (which means a puppy mill)? If so, is she about 7 years old? Maybe they came from the same mill.

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